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Tatorship is a card game, where you assume the role of Tators who backstab, bluff and erode democracy. Learn about Democratic Erosion and its toolbox, to vaccinate yourself and those around you, against Dics!

Players take Actions to Pass laws to change the rules or Vote to decide the Executive! The game ends after the first player establishes their Tatorship, as stated in their Secret Missions.

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Why fun?

Not only funny! All cards are sourced based on current research and investigative journalism, all in collaboration with universities and human rights organizations!

The concept Rewrite history, to censor political opposition, is not partisan politics, but something that erodes democracy. It might be most well known by the book burnings during the Nazi Regime, but there are plenty of historic examples you can read about more under Historical Negationism or History Falsification.

Today, books aren't burned, but the concept is still active in for example Hungary, Russia, China and even USA

Learn to be a Dic!

05  Playing Cards
How to play?

Take Actions!

Action cards have resources you use to Pass laws or Vote who becomes the Executive! Trade, Haggle or Bluff 

The first Action is worth 1 Wealth and the second Action can be either 1 Knowledge or 1 Force.

How does it play?





Robert Blair

Assistant Professor of Political Science and International and Public Affairs at Brown University. Instructor and coordinator of the cross-university collaboration, a Civic Viral Practical Education.

"The game is a fabulous idea" listen to our discussion:

Interview with RobChris the Maker

Organizations we love

These organizations that are either helping sourcing Tatorship, or are working to combat Democratic Erosion either through action or information! You are more than a person, you are a movement!


Östgruppen (Swedish Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights) is working to strengthen democracy and to cast light on human rights abuses in Eastern Europe.


Freedom House is an independent watchdog organization dedicated to the expansion of freedom and democracy around the world.


The World Movement for Democracy is a global network who are committed to advancing democracy.



What is Democracy?

ELI5: When a lot of people make decisions together.

Along with famous academics, I prefer Robert Dahls definition democracy, known as polyarchy (the rule of many) and consists of clean elections, freedom of association, universal suffrage, an elected executive, as well as freedom of expression and alternative sources of information.

What is Dictatorship / Autocracy?

ELI5: When there is one person making all decisions.

If we want to be detailed, totalitarianism and fascism are forms of authoritarianism, which is governance by an authority without the option of questioning whatever the authority orders. The distinctions between the three are mostly a matter of political theory. Dictator is an elected authority while Tyrant is one who came to power by force.

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